HUMAN LANTERNS – now with added skin peeling!

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Today is a beautiful day because today marks the release of the Image DVD of HUMAN LANTERNS, the 1982 Shaw Brothers horror/kung fu thriller about two rich guys who hate each other so much that they get into…a Lantern Making Contest! But since they’re rich guys they have to hire someone else to make the lanterns for them and so they hire…a lunatic who makes lanterns out of human skin! Spooky, gory and atmospheric, the Image DVD also includes lots of gore that was previously cut including…boiling mercury poured directly onto a living human brain!

DVD Verdict sez: “When the Shaw Brothers floodgates were thrown open, all manner of bizarre creations came pouring out. As bizarre goes, HUMAN LANTERNS is in its very own league. If I were to watch another 50 crazy kung-fu movies, I doubt any of them would even approach the insanity that is this film.”

See a decorative hanging made entirely of DECAPITATED HUMAN HEADS!

See Lo Lieh, Chen Kuan-tai and Lo Meng fight to the death in a ghoulish house of horrors full of vats of boiling human hamburger!

Marvel at the enormous sets and big budgets used to tell this terrible tale that is like a Herschell Gordon Lewis movie with martial arts and swank production values. An entire house destroyed with one well-placed kick! Women flayed alive! Bratty rich men fighting bodyguards armed with fans and dancing in formation! The terrible Skull Monkey!

If you buy one DVD today…make it HUMAN LANTERNS! The best horror/martial arts/women-being-turned-into-decorative-lanterns movie ever made!

(John Charles provides more sober commentary on the previous disc of this movie – the missing footage he mentions looks like it’s been restored, or leastways I can’t imagine the flaying scenes getting any gorier)

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