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You’ll get a full Subway Cinema News with much more nutritious info early next week, but for now here’s a glance at the slew of flicks hitting NYC theaters and video store shelves next week.

In Theaters
Three amazing movies are coming to NYC screens next week, all of which have some NYAFF connection.

First up, there’s LATE BLOOMER, which starts a run at the Pioneer Two Boots Theater in the East Village. Imagine TAXI DRIVER meets SILENCE OF THE LAMBS in a flick about a dude with cerebral palsy. We screened it way back in 2005 and I don’t really have words for how astonishing this picture is. Director Go Shibata bet everything on this film, and even tossed out a year’s worth of footage he shot because he felt that his relationship with Sumida (the lead actor, who is handicapped) was too colored by his own personal prejudices to be useful. This is one of the most vile, heartbreaking, eye-opening, breath-taking films about handicapped people you’ll ever see and it’s a great movie with a soundtrack from electronic group, World’s End Girlfriend, that’s sounds like ear sugar. (read our write up) (And here’s the trailer)

Then there’s this year’s NYAFF crowd-pleaser TOKYO GORE POLICE which has way more gore and way more substance than you can possibly imagine. It’s also starting a run at the Pioneer Two Boots next week because it couldn’t get into any other theater which is too bad – this is a movie that deserves to be seen in public where you can’t hide the sick joy it puts into your heart. (Here’s our write up and a link to the trailer which will slap your brain like jelly)

Finally, SWORD OF THE STRANGER starts a run at ImaginAsian. Not sure why Bandai turned us down when we offered this animated action flick a slot in the festival this year, but maybe they know secrets that we don’t. None of us in the festival are big anime fans, but this flick (produced by BONES who also did the animation on FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST) is a gritty, well-choreographed swordplay movie that not only keeps its feet on the ground, but it keeps them ankle-deep in blood-soaked mud. (Here’s the trailer)

It’s a thin week for Asian DVDs coming out next Tuesday, but keep your eyes peeled for the following:

HIGH AND LOW (Akira Kurosawa’s kidnapping film gets a two-disc special edition from Criterion – full details)

(Taiwan’s HELP ME EROS is not a fun sex film, in fact it’s a somber, painful, grueling sex film directed by and starring Lee Kang-sheng, the Taiwanese actor who has appeared in pretty much all of arthouse favorite, Tsai Ming-liang’s, films) (More info on the disc) (read Variety’s review)

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