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All this week and into next we’re announcing the New York Asian Film Festival 2010 line-up. Today we’re telling you about our Opening, Closing and Centerpiece Presentations. Tomorrow, we’ll reveal our entire Japanese line-up. And on Friday we’ll tell you all about our Korean films. Then on Monday it’s China and Hong Kong, and on Tuesday it’s our Midnight @ IFC selections.





IP MAN 2 (Hong Kong, 2010) – co-star and action choreographer Sammo Hung will be here on opening night to host the North American Premiere of IP MAN 2! This is the summer blockbuster you’ve been waiting for. Everything that was good about IP MAN, is better in IP MAN 2. Everything that was big, is bigger. Everything that was butt-kicking, is now butt-kicking on a scale so cosmic that the second you buy a ticket to this flick, your own tailbone will start to ache. It’s a career highlight for all three of the creative forces involved: star Donnie Yen, co-star and action choreographer, Sammo Hung, and director Wilson Yip. It’s a rousing Canto-fable, a Hong Kong empowerment movie, a return to old school martial arts filmmaking with AVATAR-era production values, and on its opening weekend it beat IRON MAN 2 at the box office like a redheaded stepchild. (watch the trailer)

(Also, IP MAN is coming out on DVD this July from Well Go USA, the same people who will release IP MAN 2 theatrically across America in February 2011.)





CONFESSIONS (Japan, 2010) – the US premiere of the most buzzed about movie at Cannes this year, it’s the latest motion picture experience from Tetsuya Nakashima, director of MEMORIES OF MATSUKO and KAMIKAZE GIRLS. A middle school teacher (played by Takako Matsu) is devastated when her four-year-old daughter is found murdered. Deciding that two of her students must be responsible she vows to take revenge…and that’s just the first 20 minutes of this tour de force that’s like an endless fall off a tall building. Reports out of Cannes were that the market screening audience (some of the most jaded cynics on the planet) were reduced to stunned silence by CONFESSIONS, which is shaping up to be the most powerful movie of the year. (watch gorgeous the trailer)

Presented in association with Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 1 – 16, 2010)





BLADES OF BLOOD (Korea, 2010) – the international premiere of the latest movie from director Lee Joon-Ik (KING AND CLOWN) who will be here to introduce the screening. It’s a powerhouse three-way team-up. Lee Joon-Ik, director of KING & CLOWN, the top grossing Korean movie of all time, returns to the Joseon Dynasty for the first time since K&C. Cha Seoung-Won, an actor who was originally told he was too ugly to be in movies, but who has gone on to become one of the most respected actors in Korea, taking home eight “Best Actor” awards in nine years, is cast as the movie’s hero, a blind swordsman. And then there’s the source material, the Korean manga, Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds which was awarded the Republic of Korea Cartoon Culture Literary Prize in 1996. The result? A posh blockbuster with impeccable style. (watch the trailer)


This year’s New York Asian Film Festival will be co-presented with the Film Society of Lincoln Center over at the Walter Reade theater (June 25 – July 8 ) it will be presented with our programming partner, Japan Society, from July 1 – 4, and we’ll even have midnight shows on Friday and Saturday nights down at the IFC Center.



  1. dbborroughs Says:

    Looks good so far…unfortunately, you’ve done what I feared and I’m going to have to try and do something with some expensive tickets for Lincoln Center on the closing night…

  2. grady Says:

    Being at Lincoln Center is letting us do CHEAPER tickets than last year. We’re 50 cents cheaper per full priced ticket than IFC Center last year, and there’s student, senior and member pricing, which we’ve never had before. Plus we’re doing matinee pricing (all weekday shows before 6pm, rather than before 5pm like we did last year) and we’re doing even CHEAPER Subway Cinema Ten Packs.

    Trust us, this year’s tickets are waaaaay cheaper than they’ve been in years. Don’t panic.

  3. Jae Says:

    How can I attend this screening? I’m really interested to watch BLADES OF BLOOD!

  4. Earl Says:

    Will the actors opening night be doing a signing?

  5. Dario Says:

    Ahhh, can’t wait! Had a blast trying to fully experience last years festival (22 films), this years is shaping up to be really awesome!

  6. grady Says:

    We’re still trying to figure out if Simon, Sammo and Huang Bo will do signings. Right now they’re all working so it’s been tough to get quick answers from them. In fact, we may not even be able to know until they get here. But as soon as we know, you’ll know. Promise!

  7. grady Says:

    Hi Jae,

    Tickets won’t go on sale until around June 10 but you can easily buy one online once they go up.

    I’d suggest you keep watching this space for more details, or sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you the word the second tickets go on sale.

    You can sign up here:

  8. Jonathan M Says:

    Grady, the comment from dbborroughs seems to be about disposing of other Lincoln Center tickets in order to attend NYAFF.

  9. grady Says:

    Oh, I got it.

    I think we’re the only show in there on our closing night though, so if they tricked him into buying other expensive tickets then he needs to march over to their house of tricks and demand his money back. Once he shows them how awesome our closing night movie is (I suggest playing them the trailer) I’m sure they’ll understand and fully reimburse his tickets. If that doesn’t work, I recommend distracting them with delicious Hostess Fruit Pies.

  10. Jonathan M Says:

    NYAFF will be the only show at Walter Reade. That ain’t no multiplex.

    Those expensive tickets could be for the Philharmonic, American Ballet Theater, or maybe South Pacific at other Lincoln Center venues.

    Fans of contemporary Asian culture who are sold out of closing night have an alternative: http://new.lincolncenter.org/live/index.php/msns-10-dj-rekha-of-basement-bhangra-with-special-guest

  11. grady Says:

    I’ve heard that the Philharmonic is particularly susceptible to Hostess Cup Cakes.

    And tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, so no one has to start consoling themselves with DJ Rekha just yet.

  12. Jeff Says:

    I am so excited for this I can’t put it into words! I really hope Sammo signs a few autographs.

  13. mondocurry Says:

    It is cool that Team Japan, Team Korea, and Team Hong Kong/China each get a day for their films to be announced. But what about Team Indonesia/Malaysia/Vietnam/Other?? Or, more importantly, will there be another mind bender from Joko Anwar? Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  14. Missy Says:

    Where’s 20th Century Boys III
    Argh ~

  15. M Says:

    Blades of Blood is opening at a new Korean multiplex in Los Angeles on June 11th. So any of you who can’t jet over to NYC will at least get to see the closing night flick…and a good three weeks before the *ahem* international premiere. No director Q&A though, sigh.

  16. grady Says:

    I know – we just heard about it and boy are we irritated! I think one department at CJ may not have been talking to the other when they gave us the film.

    Oh, well. What’re you gonna do? Worse things have happened to us! (And worse things probably will keep happening)

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