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On Tuesday, August 24, the Korean Cultural Service is teaming up with superhuge Korean broadcaster, KBS America, to screen the KBS Drama Special, A LITTLE NAUGHTY ROMANCE OF OURS (formerly known as MY LITTLE EROTIC LOVER, and then retitled as OUR SLIGHTLY RISQUE ROMANCE). The big selling point here is that the lead role is played by television megastar, Lee Seon-Gyun.


The show is only one hour long, and so KBS America has given permission for a second one of the KBS Drama Specials to be aired, this one starring Lee Won-Jong, the incredibly unattractive character actor from films like ATTACK THE GAS STATION, KICK THE MOON, DASEPO NAUGHTY GIRLS and NOWHERE TO HIDE amongst others. The show is one hour, and it’s a comedy horror called THE SCARY ONE, THE GHOST AND I in which Lee Won-Jong plays a bone-smashing gangster whose crew is haunted by a female ghost (Kim Min-Ji of BOYS OVER FLOWERS) who won’t stop bugging them. Finally, he breaks down and hires an exorcist in a desperate attempt to make her restless spirit piss off.


Surely you recognize the handsome and

clever Lee Won-Jong?


This double feature screening is free, and it starts at 7pm on Tuesday, August 24 at the Tribeca Cinemas. Seating is first come, first served and the doors open around 6:30pm. (More details)


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