And here’s the 2010 New York Asian Film Festival schedule!

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A little earlier than we promised. Don’t say we never gave you anything! Enjoy. Tickets go on sale June 10th.

Fri, June 25

3:00            YATTERMAN (119)
5:30            COW (109) – Huang Bo intro
8:00            Star Asia Awards ceremony (30)
9:30            IP MAN 2 (108) – Sammo Hung intro

IFC Center @ Midnight
12:15            DEATH KAPPA (79)

Sat, June 26

12:00          IP MAN (106) – Simon Yam intro
2:20            CRAZY RACER (99) – Huang Bo intro, Q&A
4:45            EASTERN CONDORS (100) – Sammo Hung intro, long Q&A
7:30            ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (117) – Simon Yam intro, Q&A
10:15          KUNG FU CHEFS (91) – Sammo Hung intro

IFC Center @ Midnight
12:15            L.A. STREETFIGHTERS (85)

Sun, June 27

12:00         STORM WARRIORS (110) – Simon Yam intro
2:15            BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (139) – Simon Yam intro
screening with DEVELOPMENT HELL (54)
6:15            ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (117) – Simon Yam intro
8:45            IP MAN 2 (108) – Sammo Hung intro

Mon, June 28

1:00            RAGING PHOENIX (112)
3:45            SCANDAL MAKERS (108)
6:15            BOYS ON THE RUN (114)
8:45            CHAW (121)

Tue, June 29

1:00            BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (139)
4:00            SOPHIE’S REVENGE (108)
6:30            8000 MILES (79) – intro and Q&A by director Yu Irie
8:45            8000 MILES 2: GIRL RAPPERS (95) – intro and Q&A by Yu Irie

Wed, June 30

1:15            TIAN AN MEN (97)
3:30            8000 MILES (79) – intro and Q&A by Yu Irie
5:45            ANNYONG YUMIKA (120) – intro and Q&A by
director Tetsuaki Matsue
9:00            LIVE TAPE (74) – intro and Q&A by Tetsuaki Matsue
followed by a short live concert from Kenta Maeno

Thu, July 1

1:15             CHAW (121)
3:45            LIVE TAPE (74) – intro and Q&A by Tetsuaki Matsue
followed by a short live concert from Kenta Maeno
7:00            LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (95)
9:00            STORM WARRIORS (110)

Japan Society
6:45            SAWAKO DECIDES (112)
9:00            CONFESSIONS (106)

Fri, July 2

1:00            YATTERMAN (119)
3:30            THE LITTLE POND (86)
5:30            MISE-EN-SCENE SHORTS #1 (90)
7:30            SECRET REUNION (116)
10:00          CRAZY RACER (99)

Japan Society
6:15            GOLDEN SLUMBER (139)
9:00           THE BLOOD OF REBIRTH (83) – intro and Q&A by Toshiaki Toyoda
11:00          reception at Japan Society for Toshiaki Toyoda

IFC Center @ Midnight
12:00            PINK POWER STRIKES BACK (120) – intro and Q&A with actresses Asami

Sat, July 3

12:00          LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (95)
2:10            SECRET REUNION (116)
4:40            MISE-EN-SCENE SHORTS #2 (90)
7:00            ACTRESSES (104) – intro and Q&A by director E J-Yong
9:45            SOPHIE’S REVENGE (108)

Japan Society
1:00            DEAR DOCTOR (127)
3:45            THE BLOOD OF REBIRTH (83) – intro and Q&A by Toshiaki

6:00            ALIEN VS NINJA (85) – into and Q&A with actor Masanori Mimoto
followed by Sushi Typhoon launch with  producer Yoshinori Chiba
8:30            MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (85) – intro and Q&A by directors
Yoshihiro Nishimura and Noboru Iguchi
10:30          Sushi Typhoon party atJapan Society

IFC Center @ Midnight
12:00            POWER KIDS (90)

Sun, July 4

1:00            SYMBOL (93)
3:00            CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (116) – intro and Q&A by dir. Lee Hey-Jun
5:45            RED CLIFF UNCUT (288)

Japan Society
12:00          BOYS ON THE RUN (114)
2:15            CONFESSIONS (106)
4:15            DEAR DOCTOR (127)

Anthology Film archives – special non-festival event
6:00            THE ANCIENT DOGOO GIRL: MOVIE EDITION (115), with guests

IFC Center @ Midnight
12:15            DEATH KAPPA (79)

Mon, July 5

1:30            KUNG FU CHEFS (91)
3:40            ACTRESSES (104) – intro by E J-Yong
6:00            MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (85) – intro and Q&A with the directors
8:30            DOMAN SEMAN (124) – intro and Q&A with director Go Shibata and actor Monchi

Tue, July 6

1:15           COW (109)
3:45           ALIEN VS NINJA (85) – intro by producer Chiba
6:00           GALLANTS (98) – intro and Q&A by Bruce Leung
8:30           GOLDEN SLUMBER (139)

Wed, July 7

1:15            SCANDAL MAKERS (108)
3:40            SYMBOL (93)
5:45            DOMAN SEMAN (124) – intro and Q&A with director Go Shibata and actor Monchi
8:45            CASTAWAY ON THE MOON (116) – intro and Q&A by dir. Lee Hey-Jun

Thu, July 8

1:45            TIAN AN MEN (97)
3:45            MERANTAU (106)
6:00            GALLANTS (98) – intro and Q&A by Bruce Leung
8:45            BLADES OF BLOOD (110)


  1. Devin McCullen Says:

    So, unless I’m missing something, Raging Phoenix is screening once, and it’s at 1:00 PM on a Monday? It’s not at the top of my list, but I had some interest.

  2. Frank Sanders Says:

    I like the lineup. Just wish Yatterman was playing one day when i wasn’t at work.

    Thanks for all the work that’s put into such an endeavor!!

    Final stupid question from me…

    The movies are played with English subtitles right :)

  3. Jonathan M Says:

    Yes they are Frank. But that’s no excuse for skipping you next Mandarin class.

  4. grady Says:

    Hey Devin,

    Unfortunately, yes. There are so many movies playing that we try to give everything one really prime slot and one less-great slot. But with all the different factors at work – print schedules, guest schedules, etc – occasionally a movie has to be shoved into a not-so-great slot in order not to mess up the entire schedule and that’s what happened with RAGING PHOENIX. One movie had to take that lame slot and that’s the one that got selected. We feel bad about it, too.

  5. Brian Says:

    Grrr… I promised my girlfriend I’d see Scandal Makers with her but I guess that is now out. :/

    Oh well. Can’t win them all.

  6. Jeff Says:

    This is excellent! Looks like I will be buying a lot of tickets this year.

  7. Elektrokuter Says:

    Sadly looks to me like Merantau got almost just a crappy spot as Raging Phoenix. Was looking forward to that one too. Nevertheless great lineup this year!

  8. Al Says:

    Are you going to have ticket packages again this year? i.e. the 10 pack?

  9. santos Says:

    Will Sammo, Simon and the other actors be signing any autographs?

  10. mondocurry Says:

    Thank you!! I am already busy scheming nefariously, complete with complicated white board diagrams and lines being crossed through work and family obligations. It would be really cool if you guys could give us a heads up on ticket prices and package deals before they go on sale on the tenth. So i can start calculating and figuring out if I’m buying 10 packs or 20 packs or combing the Chinatown underground for expert student ID forgeries.

  11. grady Says:

    Here’s the pricing! We’re the cheapest show in town (almost):

    Walter Reade Tickets:
    Single Screening Tickets:
    $12 general public
    $8 students & seniors
    $7 Film Society members

    Weekday Matinee Screenings @ WR
    (Mon-Fri shows starting before 6pm)
    $9 general public
    $6 students & seniors
    $5 Film Society members

    Subway Ten Pack @ WR
    (admits one person to any ten films screening at the Walter Reade as part of the NYAFF, certain restrictions apply)
    $99 general public
    $69 students & seniors
    $59 Film Society members

    Japan Society Tickets:
    $12 general public
    $8 Japan Society members, students & seniors

    IFC Center Tickets
    $12.50 general public
    $7.50 IFC members

  12. Aileen Says:

    No Taiwanese features film like Monga? Disappointed.

  13. grady Says:

    Hi Aileen,

    We are too. The company repping MONGA is really keeping it under wraps. Things may have changed, but when we were programming the line-up we couldn’t even get a look at the film, and I know other festivals were having the same problem.

    And we wanted to book AU REVOIR TAIPEI as well, but there’s another Asian festival in NYC that was already booking it and we thought it would have been pretty slimy to try to steal it from them.

    Trust us – we’d love to be showing more Taiwanese movies!

  14. ngianhormua yang Says:

    Oh my god this schedule looks epic. I hope I can clear up my schedule to make a trip to New York this year for the festival.

  15. Chiba Says:

    what do the numbers in parentheses mean next to the film? i’m sure it’s obvious, but not to the oblivious… thank ye

  16. mondocurry Says:

    I think they are running times, in minutes.

  17. grady Says:

    Mondocurry’s got it – those are all running times.

  18. Frank Sanders Says:

    What time do the tickets go on sale tomorrow? 12:01am?

  19. saka Says:

    I was also looking forward to Merantau. Too bad.

  20. Dora Says:

    Is the Awards Ceremony free? How to enter that?

  21. Aladdin Says:

    What are the restrictions on the ten pack? How are the Star Asia award ceremony tickets being sold? What time do they go on sale tomorrow?

  22. steve Says:

    It appears the lincoln center website is selling the tickets right now.

    I have tickets for way too many if the sales have gon through

  23. Jae Says:

    Anybody wanna tag along for “Blades of Blood” on July 8th? I don’t wanna go by myself lol let me know via e-mail!

  24. Murray Says:

    Any matinee pass or full-access option this year?

  25. Jeff Says:

    Where can we buy tickets? Direct from the theaters? Links, info, please!

  26. schwenko Says:

    Usually the movies have English subtitles- except when they have Italian subtitles:)

  27. Frank Sanders Says:

    Any clue what time Ip Man 2 will finish on friday? just watched Ip Man about ten minutes ago and it blew me away!!!!! I wanna go see Ip Man 2 with a crowd. Just need to see if i can work around a train schedule.

  28. Frank Sanders Says:

    I just bought tickets to Ip Man 2 and Death Kappa for the 25th! I hope i can get a taxi from Lincoln Center to the IFC so i dont miss Death Kappa. Stilling going crazy waiting for Alien vs Ninja and Mutant Girls Squad to go on sale

  29. SPM Says:

    Be there for the first film on the 25th. To bad the holiday wknd is detrimental to free-time. Any chance you can reschedule everything to fit my mine?

  30. Frank Sanders Says:

    Heads up eneryone. Tickets for the Japan Center were able to be purchase online but I called the box office and the processed it over the phone. I’m glad I called.

  31. Jeff Says:

    Got Tickets for Ip Man 2, Eastern Condors, Kung Fu Chefs, & Little Big Soldier!

  32. Frank Sanders Says:

    Hell yeah!!!

    Got my tickets for
    25th Ip Man 2 and Death Kappa
    3rd. Mutant girls squad and Alien vs Ninja!!

    I can’t wait. Anyone who wants to learn a Asian film newbie just see me at the shows. I’m the 5′6″ bodybuilder with 50 tats a mowhawk and a huge grin!!

    This is gonna be so awesome

    what’s the deal for the after party on the 3rd? Is it invitation only?

  33. grady Says:

    Any parties at Japan Society are open to all ticket holders for the preceding movie.

    All movies are shown in their original language with English subtitles. In the case of Hong Kong movies, original language is Cantonese. In the case of Mainland Chinese movies, original language is Mandarin or Shandong dialect.

  34. Michael Wells Says:

    Aargh! Can you guys not schedule half the festival during July 4th week next time? Some of us have families out of state we have to go visit! I’m actually missing at least half of the movies I wanted to see.

    Now I’m cross with you.

  35. REAL6 Says:

    Thanks for the info guys. It’s going to be awesome again like last year :)


  36. nick Says:

    Where do I buy tickets? Still can’t figure it out!

  37. grady Says:

    Hi Nick,

    You can buy them at the sites for Film Society of Lincoln Center, IFC Center or Japan Society.

    Or, for maximum ease, just go to and the links to buy tickets are on each movie page. And there’s a link at the top of the homepage marked “Tickets” that should answer any questions you have.

  38. nick Says:

    Thank you! I saw Eastern Condors and Sammo today!!!!

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